While northern michigan is a chic wedding destination, and we serve many a bride and groom, that's not the only trick in our bag.

we provide professional and personal bartending service for the following categories and beyond. 



Planning a conference for 300-500 people? A more intimate seated dinner for your best employees? On a farm? In a private residence? Your office? We can provide multiple bars at multiple locations throughout your event, help you estimate what you will need, quantities, cocktail ideas, ordering, staffing and cover the additional details that hadn't crossed your mind. Leave it to us to make your event seamless and FUN!



Hosting a 70th birthday party? Ringing in a new 21 year old? How about a Class or Family reunion? Leave the bar, the cocktail design, ordering and all other details to us. We take the stress out of hosting so that you can enjoy your family and friends at this special time. Small group or huge blowout, we can take anything you throw our way. 



You think a simple baby shower until the momma to be says she wants to invite 100 of her nearest and dearest. We are there to help. While it may seem like a bar at an event like this could be a self-serve, having extra hands on deck to ensure wine, cocktails and champagne gets to your eager guests is a MUST. We will also create the ultimate, customized "mocktails" for the baby mamma! Make your baby shower not just polite clapping, diaper bags and yawning. With our help, guests will be leaving begging to come back to your house next Sunday afternoon for more baby (and bar) good times.